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All humans desire to be connected in RELATIONSHIPS.  It is the chosen WAY to achieve happiness, fulfillment and love in our journey through life from birth through death and beyond. 

The attached child in the safety and acceptance of Mom and Dad;  the connected teenager to friends;  the exclusive relationship of the young adult;  the marriage Bond of the committed adults in a union of souls brings the individual to completeness as a human person.  The relationship bonds throughout life become the sustenance on which we evolve and blossom to fullness as humans. The marriage Bond, therefore, becomes the crucial relationship in which the couple comeplete their development and experience happiness. 

Unfortunately, our society and our educational and religious organizations fail to prepare or train us in the marriage relationship skills necessary for happiness in life's journey.  It seems that we are expected to know innately all about relationships.  Developing healthy marriage relationships is the most difficult and challenging task of life.  It demands a willingness and openness to reveal oneself while at the same time accepting the other person, unconditionally in order to experience the happiness of an intimate marriage.  Clearly, this is not an easy process considering the percentage of couples who began their relationship in love, only to witness their love die in separation and divorce.  We need training, guidance and above all, practice to be good in the relationship way.  Effective marriage counseling and marriage enrichment will provide the training and guidance. However, the practice to nourish, maintain and strengthen the marriage relationship remains the responsibility of the couple. It must be the number ONE priority. 

A golf professional giving a  student his first lesson said, "You are looking for the secret to be a good golfer?" to which the student replied, "Yes".  He then said, "There is no secret, the solution to being a good golfer is PRACTICE".  So it is with relationships, the sustenance of life:  we need to practice. There is no secret to creating a lasting love relationship. You fell in love and married the person of your dreams. Success in marriage depends on how well you practice the WAYS to maintain and strengthen that love. The Relationship-Way program will give you the WAYS to enrich your marriage or to renew your love relationship. 

RELATIONSHIP-WAY IS THE ONLY WAY TO HAPPINESS. You long for one, you search for one. When you find the one, don't ever let go. The world will bluff you with other attractions. Relationship-way is the only way to happiness.