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How To Get Him To Finally Ask You Out

Getting asked out might not be as difficult as you make it out to be. What you have been doing in the past has not being working, right? Time to think about changing your ways and doing things a little differently. I know if you do this, finding the guy you want won’t be as tricky as you might think.

Talk to the guy you want

You’re confident in front of the guy you don’t want, because there’s no emotional risk with him. But with the guy you actually want to be with, you’re a bundle of nerves. I hate to disappoint you, but anything worth having in life will make you feel uneasy. Here’s the secret…..you’ve got to do the scary thing and get outside your comfort  zone. Go over there, and chat to the guy you really want.

Let him know you like him

One thing that men consistently find attractive in a woman is confidence. A confident woman is not afraid to let a man know that she likes him. It can be as easy as saying on the date “Thanks, I had a really great time, I enjoyed tonight.” Simply compliment him on something that is unique to him, or when he offers you a drink, just say “Gin and tonic, thanks” Allow the guy to be a man.

Men love women

As a woman, you have something that is very precious and attractive to men. Feminine energy needs to become your best friend. Men feel drawn to you when they can take care of you, make a fuss of you, treat you as special…….like a woman. I’ve yet to meet a woman, even the strongest, most independent woman who doesn’t want to feel loved and appreciated by her man.

Are you creating opportunities?

You might be blonde and beautiful, but that doesn’t matter, if a guy feels that he has no chance with you, he won’t even bother trying. Be inviting, by smiling, being open, separate yourself from the group, and have a genuine curiosity to get to know him. Do this and you’ll be way ahead of the pack.

Play with life

If you want to do these things well, create opportunities, ooze feminine energy, let him know you’re into him, have great conversation, then the best way is really up your game is lighten up and HAVE FUN!

Let go of the outcome just have a genuine interesting in find out who he, play with him, create touch or a little sexual tension in a subtle way. Do this and you will have no problem getting him to finally ask you out.

Lorna is a dating coach who helps sexy, savvy successful women who are single have loving relationships with great guys because you can have it all. Get my FREE GIFT 7 Surefire Signs The Guy You Are With Wants A Long-Term Relationship With You here.





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