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The No. 1 Reason Why You Are Still Single

The No.1 Reason Why You Are Still Single

You know the type of people I’m talking about? They are single year in, year out and if you ask them about why they are not in a relationship?  These girls are pretty, they have a good social life, and they get on well with others.

There’s no reason why she cannot be in a relationship but if you ask her why?  She will tell you she has given up on love. She is thinking “It’s never going to happen for me, so I’m not even going to spend my time worrying about it”. Why does somebody stay single, but secretly would love to be in a loving relationship?

As long as you associate pain with love you will never have a loving relationship with a great guy. You will continue to struggle with love. Let me give you examples of how this shows up. I had a friend once, she met this guy one night on a night out and he asked for her number. He started texting and calling her. He was involved with someone else.

She told me, “I really like him.” I said to her, “Why do you want to go out with a guy who’s involved with someone else?” She said, “I don’t want to get hurt.” She wanted to go out with a guy who’s involved with someone else because it was safe. It was safe because he was never going to give her what she needed. Really what it was doing it was keeping her in the hurt. As long as you associate pain with love you’re going to stay stuck.

Another example of this is the woman who really likes a guy, perhaps he’s even chatting to her but she feels she doesn’t have the confidence to go over and talk with him. She thinks she’ll look needy or desperate, she’ll make a fool out of herself, that he will just laugh at her. That woman will never talk to the guy she likes because deep down in her core she’s associating pain with love. Perhaps she fears rejection.

A third example of this is the woman who says, “Everybody gets divorced, I don’t believe in marriage. My parents’ relationship was miserable.”  Again this woman is associating pain with love, they are not seeing love as a good thing in their life.

If you’re reading this today and you are considering your own life and thinking, “Yes, I would really like to meet somebody. Perhaps I would like to have a family,” and you know you are holding yourself back. Why, because there is a fear or pain that you associate with love that’s not bringing it into your life.

Lorna is a dating coach who helps savvy, smart successful women who are single find love with a great guy by showing you how to master the dating phase. Download your Free copy of Ebook Still Single, 3 Reasons Why…..


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