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What Do Women Do That Cause You To Think Red Flag?

What Do Women Do That Cause You To Think Red Flag?

Have you ever thought about the things you say and do?

Some of the things you do or say can scream red flag and quality men can notice the subtle signs very quickly. A quality girl does not need fixing, rescuing or some knight shining armor to come along and make her feel complete.

Is there something you are saying or doing that is putting men off? Check out these behaviors and see can you relate….

1. I am hurting

People who are hurting or are still living in the past have a tendency to either over share or close up and won’t let anyone really get to know them. Because they are still trying to understand or get to grips with what has happened to them in the past. This is why it is always best to heal the past before you start dating or looking for a great guy. You won’t find him until your ready to accept love and give love with an open heart.

2. Tough Girl

People who pretend to be tough and walk around with the mentality of I don’t need you, I can do it by myself have their walls up. It is hard to love something or someone who is hard to get to know. Somebody who pretends to be tough is dating from fear of being vulnerable or of opening up because they believe something ugly about themselves deep inside that they don’t want to exposed to another. But usually what you believe about yourself is ridiculous and untrue.

3. Miss Independent

Self confessing Miss Independent is a person who goes around pretending they have their life together. They have a great social life and circle of friends, they involved in lots of activities, their lives are busy and action packed but from my experience people who describe themselves as independent fear co-dependency. The healthy way to look at life is to be inter-dependent. How can anyone love you fully if you come across like you don’t need them in your life? And men need to feel loved, wanted and needed too.

4. My Ex was so amazing

Do you compare every guy you meet to the one that got away? Let’s be clear here, your ex is an ex for a reason. You are not missing out and if you got back with him the same pain that cause the relationship to break in first place would still be there. Breaking up with someone and getting back with them keeps you stuck. If he let you go, wish him well. Comparing your new man to the ex is never going to bag you the quality guy. Just the one that is willing to tolerate second best.

5. I need you

You have no patience, so you call him. He says he not ready for a relationship, so you ask him out anyway. He says I  can’t make it this weekend so you rearrange the Universe so you can eventually get that drink with him, so you can convince him how wonderful you are. Does this sound familiar?

Red flags can easily be spotted and a quality guy can read yours like a radar. If you know you do these things understand you can change your behaviors and you can change your results what you say and do in front of a guy is up to you.

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