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Where Can I Meet Men?

One of the biggest complaints you will hear from single women is that they simply don’t meet men, let alone fall in love with a guy who they are actually attracted too and who treats them like a goddess. Can you relate? Meeting the man of your dreams can feel like a tall order to fill.

So how does someone who is single create opportunities to meet men?

Men are everywhere

I know this statement will make you mad… but it is true. Men are everywhere. They are at your work, they are at events you attend, and they are on the street as you walk.They are about town when you are on a night out with your girlfriends. There is no shortage of men.

Meeting men is not the problem, it is just the symptom

Usually when I work with someone closely it is not meeting men that is the real problem, that is just the symptom. Let me explain, say Jane comes to me with “I can never meet men, men just don’t approach me” when I ask Jane why? The answer is usually something along the lines of “I don’t think I am good enough, I can’t have what I want, all men are…… (fill in the gap), I am afraid of getting hurt, I don’t want to be taken advantage off, I don’t know how to talk to the guy I like” and so on.

So the question to ask yourself, is “what is the real reason why you don’t meet men?”, and address that.

You need to get out of your own way

Once you find out why you don’t meet men, you have got to change how you do things. So, if you are fearful of getting hurt then you will never meet a man who you are attracted to who treats you well. When you are fearful of getting hurt, this repels a man who is in a good place in his life. It attracts a fixer personality or the guy who is broken himself, because he will love the thrill of breaking down your walls. The relationship is not balanced.

When you are ready he shows up

The guy you want to meet is right under your nose and when you are ready you will see him. You will see that the guy opposite you is loving, sweet, fun and attractive. When you are loving, open, approachable, interested in others and love yourself and life the man shows up.

So, it is never a question of where do I meet men?

So, it is never a question of where do I meet men, the real question to ask yourself is “Who do I need to become in order to have what I want?” I can assure you if you answer this question truthfully and act on it, you will see you have no problem meeting men.

Meeting men is not the difficulty here, men are everywhere. The real question is who must I becoming to have what I want, how am I creating opportunities to find love, how am I preparing myself to receive love?

Lorna is a dating coach who helps savvy, smart, successful women who are single find love with a great guy. Get your Free 15 Fun & Flirty Conversation Starters To Get The Hot Guy To Notice You here.

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